You Were Made for Community

We need each other! That’s because we are made for community. We are made in the image of triune God who has eternally existed in community. We know that gospel growth will only happen in a community of believers who pray together, love one another, and spur one another on deeper in the gospel. At Temple, we believe the church is just a place but a people who are connected by doing life together. We’d  love to have you as part of our community. Here’s a list of our Sunday morning adult small groups and Sunday School classes.

Agape | 20’s & 30’s | Room 704 | Keith Barthold

Foundations | Choir Room | Loy Bozarth

Searchers | Multi-Generational | Room 705 | Ricky Lemons

Team Jesus | Multi-Generational | Room 703 | Mike Christian

Upper Room | Multi-Generational | Room 702 | Tim Whitley

Disciples | Multi-Generational | Room 314/316 | Eddie Chennault

Sears | Multi-Generational | Room 310 | Phillip Stockwell & Sam Leach

Berean | Women of All Ages | Room 313 | Melinda Butler

Joy | Senior Ladies | Room 315 | Jimmy Almon

Senior Adults | 60+ | Room 312 Larry Huffman