Our Mission

The student ministry at Temple Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making student disciples who love the Gospel, grow in community, and live on mission.


What We Do:
We teach God’s Word and build discipling relationships with students so we can send well equipped high school graduates to be healthy members of healthy churches.

How We Do It:

Sunday School
The purpose of Sunday School is to gather in community for studying the Bible. Each week students will be led through a particular passage of Scripture to discover what it says, what it means, and why it matters to teenagers today. Using “The Gospel Project” from LifeWay, students will be exposed to all 66 books of the Bible and 99 essential doctrines of the Christian faith every three years. Over time students will become familiar with the overall storyline of the Bible and gain the skills necessary to read, understand, and apply Scripture to their own context.

Wednesday Night Bible Study
The purpose of Wednesday nights is to gather in community to study and discuss a particular topic from a Christian worldview that is relevant to our teenagers.  We cover topics like: how to share and defend our faith; what do we believe; how does Scripture fit together as a whole; how to grow in our faith; and how our worldview speaks into current cultural issues.

Community Group
The purpose of community group is to focus on building Christ-centered community among teenagers. Students will share a meal, talk about how faith collides with what is going on in their lives, and work through a book or video study relevant to teenagers. 

Disciple Now Weekend
The purpose of Disciple Now is to see students grow as disciples of Christ through biblical teaching, Christ-centered fellowship, musical worship, and community service in partnership with other Gainesville churches.

Summer Camp
The purpose of camp is to get students our of their regular routines for a week of teaching, worship, and fun in community with other Christ-following teenagers, so they can return home better equipped and committed to living on mission
.We work with Dwell Camps to provide excellent teaching, training, worship, camp recreation activities, and late-night fellowship opportunities with other like-minded churches.

Mission Trips
The purpose of mission trip is to provide students with the opportunity to use and discover the gifts God has given them to have a meaningful impact in a community and for God’s Kingdom.
We want to bring students outside of their comfort zones in order to open their eyes to the physical and spiritual needs of the world around them.  We desire to partner with churches and organizations for the long haul, because we want to know that students’ work will be followed up on, and the people they minister to will continue to be cared for.

Small Events
All small events are a great opportunity for families to fellowship with one another with the purpose of seeing their students come to know, love, and serve Jesus.
The purpose of fun-focused events (visiting theme parks/venues, movie nights, video games, sporting events, etc.) is to grow in community by getting to know students and “earn the right to speak into their lives.” The purpose of teaching-focused events (conferences, live streams, etc.) are to give students and families the opportunity to hear from great teachers and pastors from all over the world.

Student Ministry Handbook


If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email and we’d love to help any way we can. 


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