Temple Students exsists to partner with parents to see students reacher their fullest potiential in Christ by Knowing the Gospel, Growing in Community, and Living on Mission

Here is how the Temple Students “Parent Partner” works.

Hey parents and guardians! Even on the hardest days, you are the greatest spiritual influence in the life of your student. We are here to help! We want to supply you with some prayers, scriptures, and conversation pieces to nurture discipleship in your home with your students. Here is how it is going to look!

We want to partner with you in creating a weekly plan for discipleship. We want to help you establish habits of prayer and intentional conversations. These are foundational for our student ministry and deeply formative for your student(s).

Four Areas For the Parent

For this weekly section, take 5 minutes every morning to read and re-read the supplied Scripture and to pray the weekly prayer out loud for your family. 

For this weekly section, map out some car or travel time with your student, ideally one-on-one. Replace phone screen time with windshield “screen” time. Use the weekly conversation starter to  jump start a thought provoking question backed by Scriptural references

For this weekly section, plan a meal around a table (at home or out) with your family at least once a week to talk to and hear from each other.

For this weekly section, plan a 30-minute session each week to share, create, laugh, and play together. Even your high schooler has not outgrown the desire to win or lose at a board game.