Who We Are & Why It Matters

We know that finding a church can be hard. There are so many churches out there and often it’s hard to tell what they are about online. Therefore we want to be clear about who we are, what our mission is, and what we value.

Out Identity: Who We Are

Temple is a multi-generational church united to make disciples.


Our Mission: What We Do

Our mission is see people transformed by the gospel, connected in biblical community, and living out God’s mission in their lives.



Our Values: What We Love

You can tell a lot about a church by what it loves. Here are three things we love at Temple.


We Love the Gospel
I have to confess to you that we are not a perfect church. We actually don’t have any perfect people—but we do have a perfect savior. Therefore at Temple, you will always find the spotlight  on the good news of Jesus—what He has done for us and what He is doing in us today.

We Love One Another
At Temple we place a high priority on biblical community. We believe that the Bible calls us to live out the Christian life together. Therefore it is essential that we are connected through study,  prayer, encouragement, and doing life together.

We Love Gainesville & Cooke County
We believe that God has placed Temple here for the glory of God and the joy of Gainesville and Cooke County. Our desire is that this is a better place to live because our church is here. We see to love our community by sharing the gospel, meeting needs, and being good neighbors.