Temple has had a lot of growing pains. Probably the hardest was the time when we held service in the old “Tamale-ette” building. We quickly outgrew the Robran Building and needed to move. Space was hard to come by and we rented the “Tamale-ette” building.

Places to meet for Sunday School

  • Nursery- Mrs. J. C. Swindle, 508 West California
  • Beginners- at the church
  • Primaries- T. J. Bullard’s office, North Dixon
  • Junior Girls- Tom Thomas, 601 Moran
  • Junior Boys- Lorn Anderson, 302 Andrew
  • Intermediate & Senior- Floyd Brewer, 222 Blanton
  • Young People & Adults- at the church”

Ground breaking took place on April 21, 1957 and we moved into the Educational Building on August 18, 1957. Our first year of attending church started in the Robran Building. We moved to the Tamale-ette Building due to growth. The summer of 1956 was terribly hot. Mr. Vernie Keel offered his sanctuary to us for about three months. Church was there in the sanctuary and Sunday School was in several member’s homes and in some businesses.

Temple purchased their first piece of property on February 16, 1956. The wonderful day of ground breaking came on Easter Sunday, April 21, 1957 when the first ground was turned starting a perpetual building program. The first phase of building was underway and the hearts of the people rejoiced in God’s wonderful blessings.

On August 25, 1957 the people of Temple Baptist Church dedicated their first unit, which housed educational space and a temporary auditorium. This building was equipped with a modern kitchen and fellowship hall, used for church socials, banquets, and wedding receptions. Careful planning was used in designing the present building to make it readily adaptable to the expanding program.

Exactly two years after the temporary auditorium and educational building of Temple Baptist Church was started, the church began the main sanctuary. Ground was broken Easter Sunday, April 21, 1959. Visitors were invited to witness the ground breaking at 11:45 A.M. This was a historical occasion for the membership of the church, which was organized July 22, 1955. When the new sanctuary was completed, the church had constructed buildings in excess of one hundred thousand dollars. The present building were clear of debt. The new building will have a seating capacity of 250 and plans were made in compliance with the latest methods being used by Southern Baptist in church architecture.

The church was unable to borrow money to construct the new sanctuary. The church decided to issue bonds and sell them to anyone wanting to buy them. The program was called the Broadway Plan. Bonds were issued in denominations of $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1,000. These bonds paid an interest rate of 5% and were very popular with investors. All people of the church bought bonds and as they matured, some placed the bond in the offering plate as a gift. The bonds maturity dates were one to fourteen years.

The new sanctuary at Temple Baptist Church was dedicated on March 6, 1960. Dr. Jerry Vardaman, who served the young church while he was teaching in Fort Worth, was guest speaker. Prior to this dedicating talk, J. A. Owen, the general contractor, made a presentation of the building.

Historical mementos of the church were enclosed in the cornerstone following the service. The pastor announced the new sanctuary would be open during daylight hours for anyone who wished to use the place for meditation and prayer.

Building Programs:

  • First Building-Educational $15,000-$25,000
  • Sanctuary $70,000-$75,000
  • Educational Wing-Children’s building $85,000
  • Educational Building $120,000
  • CLC Multi-purpose Building $1,500,000

Temple has come a long way from that prayer meeting on our lawn in 1955. The remaining part of our building goals is the construction of a new auditorium seating 600-700 people. We sincerely believe that the Lord will continue to guide us into building of His Kingdom.