It had to be the longest day in history—that Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The grief, disappointment, sadness, and hopelessness that must have filled the followers of Jesus is unimaginable. It was hard for them to see the hope that was just around the corner. Lately, I have found myself feeling like I’m living in the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

A year ago in March, my dad got sick with what seemed like a severe case of the flu but he never recovered and, in May, he died at the age of 58 from Cardiac Amyloidosis  Like those early followers of Jesus, I have been overwhelmed with unspeakable grief, sadness, and hopelessness during this season. It’s  been hard to see the hope of the gospel but Jesus has been reminding me—it’s just around the corner.

In John 11, Jesus is also filled with grief because his friend Lazarus has died. In this account we learn that Jesus hates death—even more than we do. Jesus hates the death of my dad even more than I do. How do I know that? Because Jesus went to the cross to take the penalty of our sin—death.

He suffered in our place that we might live. Moved by his hatred for death and love for His friend, Jesus calls Lazarus out of the grave and restores Him to life. This is not merely a magic trick nor merely proof that Jesus is God but it is a picture of what is going to happen to all those who are friends of Jesus. One day, Jesus is going to go to my dad’s grave, call his name, and say “Come out!”

This season has been hard—really hard. It’s felt like Saturday but Jesus keeps reminding me that Sunday is coming for all those who are friends of Jesus—my dad included. As we look toward Easter I am reminded that there’s hope around the corner. In the meantime I have a friend in Jesus who is there for me in my weakness because He knows what it is like to grieve. But I also have a savior in Jesus who also hates death—so much so ―that He gave His life to defeat it once and for all. If you are like me and it feels like Saturday, just remember Sunday is coming and there’s hope just around the corner.